Friday, April 13, 2007

‘Youth interpretation of Bhagat Singh as a radical force dangerous’

Martyr’s nephew Prof Jagmohan Singh says there is more to Bhagat Singh than the popular image of a gun-totting extremist. He was an intellectual and the youth need to see him in this light. Our correspondent talks to some youth to find out that this concern is not unjustified

Amrita Chaudhary

Chandigarh, March 22: Bhagat Singh is one icon who needs no resurrection of any sort, for the simple fact that his image never faded from public consciousness. Be it the turbulent days of terrorism when Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale used him as a symbol or the present times when youth in Punjab celebrate his memory with gusto, his posters sell like hot cakes, books on him and papers written by him are being churned out faster than religious cassettes, his stickers dot windscreens and even his moustache style is in vogue. Click here for more

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